As a pioneer in the training of mass communicators in Nigeria, the Department of Mass Communication of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, has a duty to elevate journalistic standards and provide leadership in the achievement of media roles.



The aim of the postgraduate programme is to provide ‘conversion’ to mainstream mass communication for graduates of other disciplines who aspire to study mass communication at a higher degree level.  Furthermore, it is designed to provide a remedy for graduates of mass communication who do not qualify for admission into the master’s degree programme.



The postgraduate diploma courses in Mass Communication cover the broad areas of the principles of mass communication and techniques in written and audio-visual communication.



The programme is open to candidates with:

  • Honours degree in any discipline other than Mass Communication.
  • HND pass at the Credit level in any discipline.
  • First degree in Mass Communication that is below Second Class lower.


            MODE OF STUDY

The mode of study for the postgraduate diploma in mass communication is by course work to be examined in written examinations together with research work to be presented as a project report.



The programme is expected to last a minimum of two semesters for full-time students, and four semesters for part-time.



            The postgraduate diploma programme equips candidates with knowledge and skills to work in newspaper, magazine, radio and television, news agencies, public relations, advertising and book publishing houses as well as in the public service.


            COURSE WORK

            Course Codes:

Stress Area                                            Code

            Basic/Foundation courses              0

Writing                                               1

Broadcasting                                      2

Print courses                                      3

Persuasion                                         4

Theories                                             5

History                                              6

Development Communication      7

Law and Ethics                                 8

Research                                             9


First Semester Courses (Full-Time)                                   Units

MAC   0501    Introduction to Mass Communication                      2

MAC  0511     News Reporting & Writing                                           2

MAC  0521     Principles of Broadcasting                                           2

MAC  0581     Mass Communication Law & Ethics                          2

MAC  0591     Techniques of Social Science Research                      2


MAC 0513   Feature and Magazine Article Writing

MAC 0523  Radio /TV Script Writing                       2

                                                                                           Total   12units


Second Semester Courses (Full-Time)                                     Units

MAC 0522     Radio/TV Production                                                          2

MAC 0532 Print Production                                                                      2

MAC 0542     Principles of Advertising and Public Relations              2

MAC 0592     Research Project                                                                  4


MAC 0512 Editorial Writing and Specialised                   2        Reporting

MAC 0524  Documentary Film Production                       2

                                                                                                Total         12 units


 First Semester (Part-time)                                                    Units

MAC  0501 Introduction to Mass Communication                         2

MAC  0511 News Reporting & Writing                                              2

MAC  0521 Principles of Broadcasting                                              2


MAC 0513   Feature and Magazine Article Writing

MAC 0523   Radio /TV Script Writing                           2

                                                                                     Total          8 units


Second Semester  (Part-time)                                           

MAC  0581     Mass Communication Law & Ethics                   2

MAC  0591     Techniques of Social Science Research               2


MAC 0512 Editorial Writing and Specialise Reporting

MAC 0524 Documentary Film Production                          2

Total          6 units


Third Semester  (Part-time)

MAC  0522     Radio/TV Production                                               2

MAC  0532     Print Production                                                        2

MAC  0542 Principles of Advertising and Public Relations       2

                                                                                   Total          6 units


Fourth Semester (Part-Time)                         Unit                                   

MAC 0592      Research Project                                  4

Total          4 units



MAC 0501:  Introduction to Mass Communication          (2 units)

It is designed to initiate (convert) students into the discipline and reinforce the fundamental ideas of those candidates whose understanding of the dynamics of mass communication during their earlier encounter is inadequate.   It is a survey and analysis of major concepts and principles of mass communication and their application to contemporary social problems.   Briefly, it evaluates media operations, professionals, practitioners and their use of the mass media for varied purposes in contemporary society.

MAC 0511:  News Reporting and Writing             2 Units

It provides a “conversion” to mainstream mass communication for graduates of other disciplines.  It introduces candidates to the principles and skills of effective news reporting and journalistic writing.  Students are led to understand and appreciate the nature of news; and develop writing skills and confidence in news reporting.

MAC 0512:  Editorial Writing &SpecialisedReporting  2 Units

            Designed to provide instruction in the techniques of reporting such specialised subjects as agriculture, government and politics, medicine, religion, sports, labour, the courts, and the arts. It exposes students to the fundamental strategies of editorial writing and it stresses a combination of analysis and practice in writing on specialised themes.

MAC 0513: Feature and Magazine Article Writing          2 Units

This course exposes students to writing beyond the straight news pattern. It involves intensive writing exercises covering various types of features and such article types as essays, reviews, personal opinion and fiction.

MAC 0521:  Principles of Broadcasting                             2 Units

            This is a focus on developmental phases of broadcasting as well as a survey of scientists involved in the evolution.  It also involves description of some individual equipment used in broadcasting and how broadcasting relates with other aspects of life.

MAC 0522:  Radio/TV Production                                                 2 Units

This is a systematic analysis of basic technological elements of radio and television studio/control room and the nature of sound.  It involves practical exercises in standard operating procedures and use of studio facilities, analysis of the techniques of managing a broadcasting studio, outside broadcasting, and practical daily management of broadcast stations, involving programme planning/scheduling, traffic control, and personnel management.

MAC 0523:  Radio/TV Script Writing                                2 Units

This is an introductory course in the pre-production and actual production of radio and television programmes utilizing the full facilities of the university studios.  Students will acquire knowledge and skills required to produce programmes for both radio and television.  Practical demonstrations characterise this course in orientation in broadcast programme productions.

MAC 0524:  Documentary Film Production                      2Units

            It is an analytical approach to documentary film production.  It examines various forms of documentaries with emphasis on film.  Students combine analysis with practical workshop in producing documentary films in specific areas of life.

MAC 0532:  Print Production                                             2 Units

This introduces students to the publishing process, from editing of copy to the production of the printed page. It analyses publishing as a mass industry organised in divisions.  Students acquire knowledge and skills in publishing newspapers, journals, magazines and books.

MAC 0542: Principles of Advertising and Public Relations

            This course is designed to acquaint students with basic advertising and public relations principles. It teaches copy design and layout for print advertisements and special techniques for radio/TV commercials. The course also analyses social problems commonly found in industrial society and possible public relations strategies for handling them. It equally examines the media plus law and ethics related to advertising and public relations.

MAC 0581:  Mass Communication Law & Ethics

            This is a study of communication laws, constitutional guarantees, libel, privacy, contempt, censorship and pornography, privilege and Copyright Act.  This course analyses the responsibilities of the journalist in the media and evaluates news material and programme content with respect to freedom of the press.

MAC 0591:  Techniques of Social Science Research         2 Units

This course teaches core social science research methods. The course will also train students to identify researchable problems and develop research questions or hypotheses. It will involve detailed treatment of methods of collecting relevant research data, the format for presenting research results (from designing the table of contents to referencing, bibliography and appendix).

MAC 0592:  Research Project                                             4 Units

This provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of theoretical, empirical and practical instructions in various sectors of mass communication through supervised execution of research projects.